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20 January 2011 @ 01:21 pm
The Alpha and The Healer (Adam/Kris) 3/4  
Title: The Alpha and The Healer 3/4
Author: justaillusion
Pairing: Adam Lambert / Kris Allen *mentions* of Adam/Other
Rating: PG13
Beta: saar_fantasy
Length: 4,422
Summary: After finding out that he is a werewolf healer Kris Allen mates with Adam Lambert a Alpha werewolf who is the second most powerful werewolf in America.
Warning: This is about gay boy's, and it could get violent at times. If you don't like it don't read.
Authors note:This chapter is much longer then the other two, but hopefully you like that. Sorry about it being locked before I always lock it so that I can make sure it's posted right and forgot to unlock it.

A snarl wakes me up from my otherwise uninterrupted night. The run had worn me out by itself, but that along with all the other stuff Adam and I did until about 4 this morning, left me pretty exhausted. I look around and see Adam in wolf form beside me, snarling pretty loudly. This was not good... Last night it was a coyote he thought was coming to close to me for his liking, and today it was? I take a look at the door and see Zander standing there; leaning slightly on the door, arms crossed over his chest, staring at Adam with a bored expression on his face. “Good you’re up,” he says without his eyes ever leaving Adam’s. Adam's barks are making me flinch a little in surprise, but Zander doesn’t even blink.

After at what feels like forever, Adam is forced to look away. Ashamed he moves closer to me, lying beside me and placing his head in my lap, and gives Zander one last snarl. Zander starts laughing, “You’re getting better, puppy.” Adam snarls again at the nickname, but Zander ignores him. “Maybe one of these days you will take over my job.” He shakes his head exasperated and focuses his attention on me, “Hey Kris.” He gives me a once over then smiles ,“Nice to see you again.” Adam growls again, but Zander waves him off and turns to leave .“I’ll be waiting in the living room. You can join me as soon as the two of you are ready to see me.” He leaves without another glance back.

I look down at Adam, who’s practically trembling in frustration. “Calm down, you’re just giving him what he wants.” I lean over and kiss the top of his head, calming him slightly. “Come on, let’s go see...” He jumps up and runs to the door, cutting me off. “Adam, come on...” He ignores me, laying himself down in front of the door to make himself more comfortable, and blocking it completely. I shrug, and get up to put some clothes on, acting as if I’m not bothered by his actions. He watches me, but doesn’t try to stop me. Times like these make me wish we could communicate better in wolf form. Yeah, his thoughts are probably along the lines of 'you’re not going out there', but really... If only we could talk and not have be like this; with me
talking and him staring at me, not giving me any indication that he’s listening.

“You know I have all day, Adam. I could just wait here until you decide to come out” Zander's voice comes from the other room. Adam ignores him, placing his head on his paws. I shake my head at him and leave to go to the bathroom. When I’m finished, I step towards the door and know he’s there before I even open it, and as soon as I do; he’s there, looking up at me with his puppy dog eyes, pleading with me not to go. ”Adam...” I sigh, “Come on, the faster we get this over with, the faster he’ll leave.” , “ Yeah Adam, just get your ass out here so we can talk” Zander yells and Adam growls.

About half an hour later; and a whole lot of pleading, and clever thinking on my part, I finally manage to leave. I find Zander in the living room, looking a little annoyed. “I thought I would never see you lose your calm attitude,” I say; he looks at me and smiles ,“I suppose that Adam brings out the worse in me.” He sighs, “He can be such a shit when he wants to be.” I laugh, “Yeah, and I don’t think he likes you very much.” He gives me a considering look, “ What makes you think that? “ I shrug, “ He doesn’t like talking about you, always calls you an ass, gets angry anytime you’re mentioned …” He puts up a hand, silencing me, and thinks for a moment. “You’re right... He hates me. He has been hating me for a while now.” , “Why?” I ask; he just waves his hand, dismissing it. “Oh, it’s just Adam being complicated.” I nod and make a mental note to ask Adam about it later.

“ So,” he says, looking around, “Where is Adam? I was expecting him to be charging in here by now.” I laugh nervously, “Oh, um yeah, he’ll be here soon. I uh, kind of locked him in the bathroom...” I flush, slightly embarrassed. Zander laughs “Oh, so that’s the banging sound I hear. He’s probably too pissed to even shift back to human so he could open the door." A 'bang' that's louder than the others fills the room. I wince a little, and remember Adam can hear us. “It’s okay,” Zander reassures me, “He can’t get out. Remember: this is my house; these doors were special made. There’s no way he could break through it.”

Another loud 'bang'. “I’m not scared of him,” I say; he nods, “ I know. You just had to get past him, or he would have trapped you in that room for days.” I gape at him “Days?” , “Yes ,or until he was sure I was miles away. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t try to kill me and blame it on the mating.” We listen as he tries to break through once more. Zander shakes his head dissatisfied, “All he has to do is calm down, and walk out of the bathroom. But his temper always gets the best of him.”

Tired of him acting like Adam was just some disobedient child, I get up and walk to the entrance to try and speak to Adam in a calm, soothing tone; “Adam, calm down.” The banging stops, and I hear him whimper softly. “Yeah baby, that’s right. Calm down, it’s just a talk” I try to avoid using the name Zander and making him angry all over again. Feeling Zanders gaze, I turn to find him staring at me, wide eyed. Before I could say anything though, Adam was there; grabbing Zanders shirt and pulling him off the chair. “What the hell do you want?” he practically growls at him.

Until this moment I hadn’t noticed how much bigger Adam was than Zander. Not only was he about a foot taller,he was broader; and next to Zander he could look downright scary. I wonder why it is that Zander’s #1 and Adam’s #2 , but as Adam snarls at Zander, who just calmly stares back at him, I understand. It’s not that Zander is the bigger man or maybe not even the best fighter, but his control is impeccable. This man made people want to follow him, and this man had a clear enough head to make all the tough decisions, and Adam ...Well, Adam was at the moment trying to stay calm enough that he didn’t switch into his wolf form.

Zander says something I don’t quite catch and Adam drops him. Zander straightens his clothes and sits down to stare at Adam again, almost disappointed. “Hopefully the healer can teach you how to control yourself better.” Adam grunts, “What do you want?” Zander clears his throat and sits back in his chair, “Well, maybe; as your former guardian, I would just like a chance to get to know your mate.” Adam laughs bitterly, “You were a horrible guardian, and besides, you had a week to get to know him. Much longer than I have.” Zander smiles, “Yes, I suppose I wasn’t the best guardian for you.” Adam rolls his eyes “You think?” Zander ignores him,

“Your pack has been very worried about you. I’ve been asked to check on you. Also, before I went to bed the other night,” he glanced at me, “Janette and I were at our Montana estate. You should really visit it sometime.” Janette was Zanders girlfriend at the moment. A really pretty, sweet blond ,who I had the pleasure of spending most of my time with me while I was at the house.

Zander turns back to Adam, “Well, as I was going to bed, I realized I hadn't got a chance to explain the mating policies to you.” Adam grits his teeth, “I know the mating policies.” Zander considers him for a moment, “How?” Adam glares at him, “I’m not a kid anymore, Zander. I made it my business to find out all I could about our people.”, “How about Kris?” he asks. “I’ll tell him myself. Now if you’ll just leave, we’ll be out of your house by sunset.” ,“No, stay as long as you like.” Adam shakes his head, “No, not if it means we’ll get more surprise visits from you.”

Zander shakes his head and stands up, “I wish you wouldn’t act like this, Adam.” Adam doesn’t say anything, he just turns his head. “Well Kris, good luck. This one is hard to tame.” I nod and Zander walks out the front door. Adam turns and stares at me for a moment before grabbing me and slamming me against the wall. “Never lock me in a room again.” He kisses me hard, pushing me harder against the wall. I push him back, “Well, don’t make me.” He kisses me again, pushing himself harder against me as his hand travels up my shirt.

The front door opens, and I pull back to look, but keep Adam facing me so he doesn’t explode. Zander’s there, watching us with a hint of jealousy in his eyes, but it’s gone in an instant. He flashes me a weak smile, then heads to the table, picking up a forgotten file. I hold Adam’s head closer to me as I feel him tremble with rage. He relaxes slightly at my touch. With one last smile, Zander is gone and Adam calms down completely, lifting his head to kiss me again like Zander had never showed up again.


“So, what’s the deal with you and Zander?” Kris asks as we make our way towards Vincent’s pack. Vincent had been the man who grabbed Kris that first night we met. So naturally I was against this visit, but Kris believed it was his job as a healer to save these people, and he assured me Vincent was only trying to help his people, and that every other Alpha would do the same. When I tried to explain to him that; no, no other Alpha would dare do the same. That any other Alpha would first wait until the mating was over and then they would ask my permission. It had only led to Kris asking why they would ask me and not him. Since he was the healer and now that he’s my mate he is my equal and the second Alpha of my pack.

I made the mistake after that by telling him it was my job to protect him. That only made him mad. He told me I was treating him like a child, and that he survived this long without me and was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Now here I am, driving to this damn place to prove to Kris that he isn’t my … How did he put it? Oh yeah, my bitch... That I do see him as an equal. Even though he is only going to be Alpha in name, but not like I’ll ever tell him that.

Oblivious to my inner conflict, Kris continues, without me answering, “I think I got it figured out, but I’m not sure...” I raise my eyebrows at him, “Yeah, and what have you figured out?” he thinks for a moment,”Years ago, there were rumors about Zander and his adopted son.” Oh god, he knows the rumors... “I was young then, so I didn’t really remember them until this afternoon when Zander said he was your guardian.” I nod; “So, you’re the adopted son the rumors were about?” I nod again, hating that he knows about this. “So, you were lovers?” I take a hard swallow, and turn to look at Kris, who's staring at me curiously. I almost want to snarl at the lack of jealousy in his eyes. “Jealous?” he shakes his head, “No, just curious, you’re my mate now. I know that you're mine and I won’t hold your past against you. So how much of the big controversy was true?”

I sigh, “I don’t know... What did you hear?”, “That Zander was sleeping with his adopted son, and that everybody thought it was wrong and disgusting.” I nod, “Yeah, I was only 18 when it started, I’m 28 now so it was a long time ago.” He snorts, “10 years isn’t very long, Adam. That’s only like 2 years in wolf years.” unfortunately he was right. For werewolves you age rather slowly after you’re about 20 years old and completely stop aging around 30. Nobody knows why exactly. So Zander, who is 150, looks almost the same age as me.

I take a deep breath, and try to explain the situation the best I can. “My Great grandfather was a werewolf alpha; only 3rd in line for the role as the leader, who was at the time; Zander’s uncle. My great grandfather, along with Zander’s uncle and a lot of other werewolves, died during the Vamp war. He had left behind no children with the werewolf gene, and after his death not a single family member got the gene until I was born.

My parents had no idea how to raise a werewolf child, my circumstances were rare. Most werewolves have at least one werewolf parent. I had none, and no werewolves in my family left either. So they took me to the only werewolf that was known publicly at the time, Zander.

Zander, not having any children of his own, was glad to take me in and teach me everything I needed to know. I became a powerful werewolf under his guidance, and I respected him for that. It was never like what the others thought. There was nothing paternal about my relationship with him. He was my mentor and my hero. Not many of our kind would take in a stray like that, especially not one as powerful as Zander.”

Kris nodded and I continued, “Sometime though, I started to believe I was in love with him. I think now that it had more to do with fascination than love, but he was beautiful and I respected him. It wasn’t long after that, that he started to see me differently as well. I knew this, because at the time he had a girlfriend named Janelle, she had noticed he stopped paying attention to her and started paying more attention to me, and she became really jealous and accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend.” I laugh bitterly, “She was actually the first one to start the rumors. That was actually the reason he broke up with her, but it was too late. By then, every pack thought we were sleeping together, so we did.”

I take a deep swallow, “Our relationship, or whatever it was, went on for almost 4 years. I was young and thought I was in love, but I was wrong.” Kris studied me for a moment. I could now see shades of jealousy in his eyes, and I forced myself not to smile. “What happened?” he asks. “One day he went to visit one of the packs, and three days later returned home with a girl. I was confused and confronted him, but he just told me I was acting like a child, and to be more respectful to our guest. Acting like I shouldn’t care at all, but I did. He kept telling me how it wasn’t like we were mates. That we could sleep with whoever we wanted, and that he wouldn’t want to cut me off. Like sleeping with him was some kind of damn privilege.” I shake my head,

“That’s when I started to see the real Zander. He was a man who took advantage of a kid who idolized him, just because he could. He was ruthless and conceded. Nothing like I thought he was.

I ended up losing my temper and almost killed the girl he brought home. After he got her taken care of, he came home and tried to sleep with me, but I wouldn’t even let him touch me. I already hated him by then and wanted nothing to do with him. A few days later I left his pack with a few others, and started my own.”

Kris grabs my hand and holds it tightly, “I’m sorry.” I shake my head, “Don’t be, it’s not your fault that he’s an ass. “ he nods, “I know, I’m just sorry you had to go through that.” I sigh, “Yeah, but now I have you. You know I never felt as completely over Zander as I did the moment I saw you.”

He smiles, “Well, that’s good! I just can’t believe he acted like that. It doesn’t seem like him.“I nod, “Because it isn’t like him. Years later he told me that the only reason he acted like he did was so I would run off. The rumors had got worse and he was worried he would lose his position so he knew he needed a clean break.” I bite my lip in frustration. “That made me even angrier. All he had to do was tell me the truth and I would’ve understood, but he didn’t. He lied to me and hurt me, and I can never forgive him for that.”

Kris shakes his head, “Maybe you should.” I gape at him, but he continues, “Yeah, what he did was wrong, but … “he sighs, “You shouldn’t hate him forever because of a mistake. You were obviously close before and maybe you can be at least friends again.” I gape at him some more, “You want me to be friends with my ex?”, “No, I want you to be friends with the only family you have ever known. He obviously still cares about you, I can see that. And even though I know because of the mating that you’re no longer in love with him, there might still be some part of you that still respects him for what he did for you.” I think about that and wonder if Kris would still want me to be friends with Zander if he knew what he told me the day we mated.

We both stay quiet until we reach Vincent’s residence. It was a big house, surrounded by three buildings that looked like condo's, and behind it was a big lake and an even bigger forest. Kris walks up in front of me and goes towards the front door. I reach out to grab him and pull him back, but he gets there before I get the chance, and knocks. A tall burly man answers, and looks at us astonished. He bows slightly ,“Mr. Lambert, healer.” he greets. Kris smiles up at him, “its Kris. Is your alpha around? He asked me for a favor.” , “Yes, right this way.” he ushers us in, and we both appraise the room as the man goes to find his master.

The house was nice, nothing compared to my own, but nice. I imagine the condo's surrounding the house belong to his pack and that this was the main house, but I haven’t seen many packs that aren’t Zander’s or my own. So I didn’t know for sure.

Vincent enters the room, smiling, and I place a possessive hand on Kris’ back. Vincent ignores me and goes straight for Kris, “Thank you for coming, I wasn’t sure you would be able to make it.” he gives me a quick glance and turns back to Kris. “ I said I’ll help , and I always keep my word.” Kris says , Vincent nods ashamed, “Of course, right this way. I’ll show you where I’m keeping them. Mr. Lambert, if you don’t mind.”

I step in front of Kris, “Yes, I do mind.” Kris grabs my arm, “Adam, they’re sick and they’re not yours. I think Vincent is just worried that you might lose control.” I step back from him, feeling a little hurt, but I understand ,“Okay.”

A female werewolf enters the room and takes Kris’ hand. It was Laura, Vincent’s mate. She could probably sense the mood, and knew I would feel more comfortable with a female taking my mate then another male. “Hello Mr. Lambert,” She smiles, “I’ll make sure he is well taken care of.” she leads Kris out of the room as I watch them wistfully.

“It’s okay,” Vincent says, “The feelings will pass. You won’t always feel the need to be constantly around, and to kill any unknown male that comes near him.” I stare at him ,“How?” he laughs, “I’ve been mated for a while now, I know how it feels” ,

“And yet you were still stupid enough to grab him?” I ask , he nods, “It worked, didn’t it. He’s here, and my people are being helped. I knew you would attack me, but I also knew that a healer wasn’t far away so I took my chances” I snort,“Well that was stupid. Did you let your mate know what happened? Did she know how close she was to losing her mind?” he frowns at me, “A mate knows everything. Yeah, she was angry, but she understood why I felt it needed to be done.”

He shows me around the property as I wait for Kris, who 30 minutes later emerges in full wolf form. Laura looks at us and smiles brightly, “They are doing fine. He was amazing!” She reaches over and pats his head. “He used a lot of power, so he shifted to wolf form to heal, and regain his strength” He walks over and stands beside me, and looks up at me with tired eyes, “Is there anywhere he can rest?” I ask. Laura shows us to a large room on the second floor of the house, and tells us she’ll send someone to tell us when dinner was done.

Kris walks in and jumps on the bed. Finding a comfortable position, he lays himself down. I walk over and lay beside him, running my hand past the guard hairs to pet the soft fur underneath. He shifts closer to me, and relaxes before drifting off to sleep. I watch him and sleep a little too. Still staying alert enough to watch the room, but feeling comfortable enough to sleep in my mate’s presence.

A few hours later they woke us for dinner. Kris, still in wolf form, followed me downstairs and to the kitchen. There were about 20 wolves or so sitting around, eating a variety of meats. I walk over to the stove and get a plate for myself and another plate with about 10 hamburgers for Kris. I place the plate in front of him and Laura brings over a bowl full of water for Kris and hands me a soda “Thank you,” I say, giving her a smile. “No problem, thanks for coming,” she smiles, and walks away. We finish up our meals and Kris lays his head in my lap as I examine the room. It was nice. This pack consisted of younger wolves then my own, but they were a nice enough bunch.

One by one they each came over and thanked Kris and gave me their respects. I knew I was important, but I had never been treated like this. The wolves looked at me like I was some legend or something. It kind of made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t like to be seen so high by so many, and know that I could so easily let them down.

Not long after dinner, we leave. If we drive all night, we’ll be back home by the morning, but I selfishly want a little more time alone with him, before I have to share him with the rest of the pack. Halfway there I pull into an expensive looking motel. Kris lifts one ear when we stop, and looks around, stretching lightly before shifting back to human form.

We end up renting a suite for the night. Kris shuffles in before me and looks around “Whoa!” I chuckle, “You think this is nice? Wait until you see our house.” he moves around the suite, checking everything. “I’ve never seen a hotel room this nice before.” I catch up to him and grab his hand, pulling him close towards me and I gently touch his face. “You feeling okay?” he nods, giving me a quick kiss, “Yeah, just tired.” I let him go and he examines the rest of the room. Stopping right outside the bathroom and smiling wickedly. “You wanna take a bath with me?” he asks shyly. I smile and walk towards him.


Later that night as we lay in bed, my head pillowed on Adam’s chest, I recall the nights events and frown as I remember how he looked at Vincent’s house. “Adam?” ,“Hmm..” I shift and prop myself up on one elbow, “Why were you so uncomfortable at Vincent’s?” he gives me an incredulous look. “Why wouldn’t I be?” I shake my head, “No, it was different... At first you just didn’t trust anyone. That was understandable. But at dinner you,” I try to think of the right words to say. “You seemed different, more uncomfortable.” He sighs, “I didn’t like how they treated me like I was a legend or something. They all seemed respectably afraid of me.” I laugh, “Of course they were. I grew up in an isolated pack, and I still heard about you. My father is terrified of you. You were one of the reasons he didn’t want Zander to find out about me. He thought he would gift me to you or something.”

I could tell that bothers him, so I lean over and kiss his cheek. “I think we should wait until father’s day to tell him about the mating.” he laughs, becoming less tense, “How about the union?” I cock one eyebrow at him, and almost ask 'what union?', but think better of it. “Christmas,” he smiles at me and leans up to kiss me. We talk a little more and then finally fall asleep.


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Justaillusionjustaillusion on January 21st, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
Thank you! At first it was just going to be a one shot, but I decided I wanted to go on a little more and thought 4 chapters would be enough. Somewhere along the line though I got a little carried away, So it became much more complex then it was originally. I'll will write a sequel though. As soon as I can think of a good plot to center it around.
Sarahsaar_fantasy on January 21st, 2011 12:19 am (UTC)
I'll help you with finding a good plot. Most of the readers of my stories always like my plots,so, I'm sure we can come up with something good. If it wasn't clear already, I don't want this story to ever end. Lol
Justaillusionjustaillusion on January 21st, 2011 12:28 am (UTC)
Good I might need some help.