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17 February 2011 @ 06:22 pm
The Alpha and The Healer 4/4  
Title: The Alpha and The Healer 4/4
Author: justaillusion
Pairing: Adam Lambert / Kris Allen *mentions* of Adam/Other
Rating: PG13
Beta: saar_fantasy
Length: 10,789
Summary: After finding out that he is a werewolf healer Kris Allen mates with Adam Lambert a Alpha werewolf who is the second most powerful werewolf in America.
Warning: This is about gay boy's, and it could get violent at times. If you don't like it don't read. Also I have changed Kris' parents, because of the werewolf aging.
Authors note:This chapter is much,much longer then the other ones, but hopefully that makes up for the long wait. Well anyway I will also be posting the story in full on my site (Link will be added here soon)

Want a sequel? please let me know that you like it enough for a sequel.

Adam’s head rested on my stomach, his fingers tracing along the lines of my abdomen, making me shiver. His eyes move up to look at me, but his head stays where it is. His black hair lightly brushes against my skin. “You know some people are against mating.” He says quietly ,“They say it’s unfair and it takes away our free will. That our mate may not be the one we truly want, but …” his fingertips run across my skin .“They’re full of shit. I can’t imagine anything I could want more...” his lips drag against my skin, and I bite my lip.

We have been in this hotel room for three days, but I wish we could stay here forever. Everyday Adam says we should head back to his pack, but every day we stay here, and I don’t complain. I don’t want to admit it to Adam, but I’m scared. What if they didn’t like me? What if they thought I wasn’t good enough for Adam, Their Alpha? He’s so strong, and I’m just a healer. “What’s wrong?” he asks, lifting his head to look up at me. “Nothing,” I reply.

He sits up, wrapping his arms around his legs, “You’re lying.” I sigh, there was no use hiding it from him. “I’m just worried that you’re pack won’t like me.” He laughs.“Our pack will love you,” he says, putting a little emphasis on the our to make his point. “Why wouldn’t they?” I shake my head slowly “ I don’t know! I kind of thought you were worried too?” He looks confused at me “What do I have to be worried about? I know my people, and I know they’ll love you.” I shrug, “I just …” I let out a breath, “I thought it might be why you delay leaving.” He laughs dryly, “No, I’m just selfish,” he smiles a little embarrassed. “I don’t like the fact that I have to share you with them.”

I can feel my cheeks flush, and I sit up. Adam doesn’t even seem to notice. “I really haven’t even thought about them liking you or not. Because, really, I don’t give a shit.” I nod, “But why are you worried about sharing me? I’m the one that has to share you. You’re their alpha and I’m … I’m just your mate.” I feel unworthy, but Adam just laughs. “Wasn’t it you that was telling me the other day that you’re going to be an Alpha too?” I shrug, “I’m not stupid, Adam. I know I’ll just be show, and you’ll be the true alpha.” His expression turns sad, almost thoughtful. “Let’s hope it stays that way,” he says with a sigh. I don’t ask him what that means, and he doesn’t offer any more of an explanation.


We leave almost four days after arriving at the hotel. Part of me still wants to stay, but I knew that I had to return. I’ve already been gone for a week, and my people need me. There will be enough alone time with Kris after the union, and I would just have to wait till then. At least Kris seems to be in a much better mood than last night. Hopefully that means he isn’t scared anymore, but I can’t be sure. I can feel that he’s anxious, but I’m not sure if it’s out of fear or excitement.

Once we head into the entrance of my territory where my pack stands guard, Kris grasps my arm and looks around wide eyed. A look of surprise and apprehension crosses his features. I want to reach out and grab him, but keep my hands planted firmly on the steering wheel. He can handle this on his own. I have to show him that I think he's strong enough for that.

Once we pull just outside the territory, I can see Alison waiting for us. She was glaring straight through the window of the car at me, and stands there, hands on her hips; ready for a fight. I park in the parking area, right outside our pack's territory, and get out. Kris is following close behind me. Since no cars were allowed inside the territory itself, we had to walk to her, and she waited, tapping her foot impatiently. Her eyes widen slightly when she sees Kris, but she doesn’t abandon the look of a pissed off girl.

I almost laugh that I thought of her as a girl. Alison was no girl! She was a 107 year old werewolf. Who was pretty pissed off at me at the moment... That was nothing to take lightly. “Where the hell have you been?” she growls. “Where do you think? “ I answer, glancing at Kris. “To get the healer, but that was a week ago.” She whines, reaching out to slap me on the head. Alison is the only one who I would ever let get away with that. Well her, and now Kris I suppose. But I hope he doesn’t pick up that habit. She turns her attention to Kris then, goes to hug him, but stops about an inch in front of him, eyes lighting up, and nose sniffing the air. “Mate...” she whispers, and turns to me.

“Well,” she says slowly, “I was going to tell you he was cute, and ask if I could have him, but…” she smiles at me, “Looks like someone already claimed him.” She turns back to Kris, throwing herself into his arms and squealing. “Oh my god!” She yells in glee, “I’m so happy to have you here; a healer, and a mate for our Alpha!” Kris pats her back awkwardly, not sure what to do. She pulls away and looks at him, “I’m Alison, nice to meet you.”, “Kris” he says shyly.

She smiles and grabs his hand, her anger at me now completely forgotten. “Come on, I’ll show you around.” I stifle a snarl, but she notices. She stops and looks at me, a question in her eyes. “That is if you don’t mind; your Alphaness.” Kris smiles at the nickname. I growl in annoyance, “No, go ahead.” Kris stares at me, clearly a little shocked, Alison too, but she doesn’t question it. I manage to give Kris a quick kiss before she pulls him away. I stare at them wistfully, but know I have to learn how to let go, and besides, I need to talk to Anoop.


The bright red haired girl Alison leads me around the pack's territory like a puppy without a leash. Part of me almost wants to shift to wolf form, it’s not that I don’t like Alison, I do like her a lot actually. It’s just that part of me wanted to examine, and take in all of my surroundings. This place is beautiful... It's surrounded by forest, and there's a vast lake about a mile away. The house Alison had said was mine and Adam’s is more beautiful than any house I have ever seen. It looks almost like a mansion; surrounded by rows of smaller cabins. It was almost too much for my mind to process. Alison stops next to a cabin not far from the main house, that was grey instead of the same brown as the others. “And this,” Alison says, opening the door. “This is where you will be working.” she smiles at me, then starts laughing. "Oh my god, crazy dominate males" I reach up and touch my neck self-consciously, "Um yeah, he likes to bite." She giggles, "I see that. He sure as hell marked his territory." She walks into the small grey cabin and I follow. "I'm not his territory! I'm not just some random piece of property." she turns to look at me, "Well , I hate to tell you this, but anybody who will see all those bite marks are going to think of you as Adam's property." She laughs again, and walks over to a girl across the room, "Morning Lil," she greets.

The girl turns to us, "Good morning Alison," her gaze turns to me, and she gasps, "A healer..." Alison nods, " Kris, this is Lil; Lil, this is Kris. Your new boss." Lil stands up, strengthening her coat. I can tell instantly by her scent she's a human, but I try not to show my shock at a human being within a packs territory. "Wow, you’re powerful, may I?" she reaches out her hand, I extend mine so she can connect to my power. After a brief moment she stumbles backwards. "You’re a werewolf healer! I thought there was only one.” She turns to Alison, confused, "Nope, he was found last week." Alison says. Lil smiles, "Wow! I thought you were only legends."

I can see now that even though she is within pack territory, there is still a lot she doesn't know, "Um, no...” She laughs, “It’s going to be great working around you and being able to see what you can do.” I study her for a moment, “Um wait, I don’t understand. You’re a human, but you’re here and you’ve been healing werewolves?” She shakes her head, “Not healing; only you can do that. I’m just here to help them. I know most medical procedures, and know how to make sleeping, and pain remedies. I can’t heal them like I can heal humans. But since werewolf healers are uncommon, they need human healers to help them stay alive.” She takes a breath, “Now that you’re here, you will be able to connect to my power, and use my strength if ever you need it. “ I nod, still not completely understanding, but I know I’ll find out eventually.

We leave a couple minutes later when Allison explains there's still so much I need to see,I'm still not quite sure though. A bark to my left gets my attention, I turn and see a white wolf sitting next to me, her white tail moving back and forth in greeting. Normally this wouldn’t be so weird. My mom was a white wolf, but this was an actual wolf; not a werewolf. She was smaller than the typical werewolf and smelled different. No wonder they don’t like to be around us. I crouch down and touch her head experimentally ,“She’s beautiful.”, “Yeah...” The tone of Allison’s voice makes me turn. She stares at the wolf curiously, then reaches out and touches my shoulder. The wolf jumps back and snarls at her. She pulls her hand away, “That’s what I thought.” I stand up next to her. “Doesn't the wolf like you?” She shakes her head, “No, she just doesn’t like me touching you. This is Pythian, Adam’s, and now I guess; your pet wolf.” I look down at the wolf and then back at her, “A pet wolf? A werewolf owns a wolf as a pet?” , “Yeah ironic, huh? Well anyway, you’ll have to ask him about it.” she starts walking down the path “Come on then” I go after her and the wolf follows close behind.


I walk in to the living room of my house , and take a seat on the sofa. I had summoned Anoop as soon as I got back, and now I had to wait for him to come to me. It only takes him a couple of minutes to walk in and face me. “We need to talk.” I say, and motion for him to take a seat, and he does. “So, did you get the healer?” he asks ,“Yes.” He smiles “That’s amazing! Where is he/she ?” , “With Alison” he groans, and I nod in agreement. “So what took you so long to come back?” I hesitated, it’s not that I didn’t want everybody to know that Kris was my mate, but I wasn’t really in the mood for the shock again. Why is it so shocking that I found my mate? They all had. “Because," I say slowly, “I wanted some more time alone with him before I came back here.” He gapes at me,” With the healer? Why?” He tilts his head to the side, studies me, then smiles “You mated?” I nod, “With the healer?” I nod again; he jumps out of his seat and starts pacing .“Do you know how huge this is? An alpha as powerful as you, mated to a healer? You’ll be unstoppable! Adam, you can take Zander's place.” I shake my head, “I have no interest in claiming that position.” ,”I know you don’t, but Zander has to know the danger.” I nod, “I’m sure he does, but he’ll never actually believe I’ll take it from him. He knows I don’t want it. That’s why I refuse to be his successor. “ He sits down defeatedly. “Yeah, I suppose,” he shrugs. “I would’ve loved to see Zander's face, when he found out you were mating with the healer.” I laugh, “Me too, too bad I was in too much pain to notice.”

“So…” he says, giving me a smile, “What’s he like?” I smile and close my eyes, trying to think of the words that could describe him. “He’s amazing, and beautiful, and so damn stubborn. The boy doesn’t know how to listen to a damn thing I say, but …” I sigh contently, “ he’s so unlike any wolf I have ever met; he’s sweet, compassionate, and so selfless. I’ve never felt so complete as I do with him.” I look up and see Anoop watching me, his expression inscrutable. “Wow,” he finally says, “ I hope I don’t get that pathetic when I mate.” I throw a book at him, he laughs for a moment, then stops. “I thought Zander said it wasn’t possible for you to mate. That you were too powerful.” I shrug, “Yeah, well... He was wrong.” , “Obviously, that’s probably why he was so pissed while he was here.” I snarl, “He was here?” there were only a few requests that I would ask of Zander, and one of them is to stay the hell away from my territory. “Yeah, we all just figured you did something to piss him off. We never thought it could be because you mated.” I slam my fist down on the table, “He was not supposed to be here.” Anoop shrugs again, “And what exactly was I supposed to do about it? Tell him to leave?” I sit back and glare at him, “I don’t see why not.” He grits his teeth, “You forget we can’t disrespect him like you can. Anyway, I happen to like Zander. You're the one with the problem.” ,“I have my reasons.” He rolls his eyes, “Anyway, he wasn’t doing any harm.” I try my best to push down my growl,“You really expect me to believe that? You just said he was pissed.” He sighs “Ok, I admit; at first he seemed like he would be happy to attack the first person that annoyed him , but as soon as Allison saw him, she sat him down and talked to him until he calmed down, after that he just seemed..” he hesitates for a moment, “He seemed hurt.” I sigh, but he continues, “We are the closest thing to a pack that he has besides his own, you know that. We couldn’t just make him leave, not when he was obviously hurting.” He looks up at me, then shakes his head, “ I’m sorry I’ll stop. So what exactly happened?” I open my mouth to speak, but he ignores me, “Besides the mating stuff.”

I pinch the crook of my nose and look down, crossing my arms. “He asked me to stay, told me he’s was getting too old and he really didn’t want to spend another 10 years having to prove what I already knew. “ He raises an eyebrow, “Which is?” I look away, “That he loved me.” Anoop whistles low, and nods, “Oh shit, got to feel sorry for the guy. It must really feel horrible to hold on to something for so long, just to have someone take it away in one moment.” Hands clenching, I glare at him, “This is not Kris’ fault.” He holds out his hands in surrender, “Whoa boy, calm down. I never said it was.” I watch as he struggles to think of something else to say. “ So, what did you say?” , “No.” he nods, “ Yeah, stupid question. So how long were you going to make him grovel?” I lunge at him, but he bolts off the couch very fast. He's already used to my erratic behavior. “Screw you,” I all but snarl at him. He laughs, keeping the couch between us, “You were ready to cave, don’t deny it.” ,”Nice to know you have so much faith in me.” He shrugs, “Well what do you expect me to think. It seems like every time you two were together, you were either fighting or having sex.” I go sit down, not wanting to deal with him anymore. he does the same. “ I haven’t had sex with him in over a year.” He laughs “Yeah, that time Allison walked in on you.” I cringe, “Well it doesn’t really matter now, does it?” He shakes his head, “No, I guess not. I have to say though, I’m a little surprised Zander didn’t stop the mating as soon as he felt the effects.” I feel my muscles tense and try to hold back the rage.

“I would’ve killed that bastard if he kept my mate away from me.” He shrugs again, I’m getting sick of him doing that. “You wouldn’t have known.”, “Oh, I would’ve found out!” he nods, “Maybe, but you wouldn’t have killed him. You don’t hate him as much as you think you do. “ I move closer to him, grabbing his shirt and lifting him off the couch. “You haven’t mated yet, so you don’t understand. You can’t... Not until you feel it. To keep me from him would’ve been unforgiveable, and yes, I would’ve killed him.” he pulls away from my grasp “Fuck, I’m sorry.” He clears his throat and sits back down. His body still ready to spring out of the way in case I would attack him again. “So, does the healer know about you and Zander?” I sit down and try to relax, “He knows enough, and nobody else better tell him anymore.” He nods his agreement, no longer wanting to make me angry. “So why didn’t Zander do anything about the mating?” I let my head rest on the back of the sofa. “How could he? Even if he wanted to, the room was filled with Alpha’s. He had no way of knowing who Kris mated with, until the mating was already happening.” His expression turns confused. “You mean you had to face the other Alpha’s?” , “Huh?” , “Well, we all thought Zander would give the healer to you.” I laugh, “He tried, but I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t let him use Kris as a bargaining chip to get me into bed.” He shakes his head ,“It wasn’t only for that. He loves you, Adam. You know that.” I growl, frustrated this time, “Are you thick headed or something. That doesn’t mean anything. I was already fed up with his bullshit; he can love me all he wants. That doesn’t change the fact that I will never go back to him. I don’t care what you think, and it doesn’t matter if I still have feelings for him. I knew I had to let go, and I couldn’t have mated at a better time. Now can we please stop having this conversation, because it doesn’t matter anymore, none of it. Do you know how relieved I feel to be rid of all that bullshit?” He opens his mouth, thinks better of it, then shuts it. “Where is the healer anyway?” he finally says after a few moments of silence.

“Right here,” Allison walks in with Kris following and my pet wolf Pythian; following him so closely that if he stopped she’ll run right into him. Just great! “Anoop,” Allison says with a smile, “This is Kris,” she makes small quotation marks with her hands, “The healer.” Anoop stares surprised at Kris , “Nice to meet you, Kris.” He nods, “Yeah, you too.” Allison grabs Kris by the arm, “Our Kris here saved Adam from the big bad wolf.” Anoop grins, “Yeah, that’s what I heard.” , “Damn,” Allison pulls away from Kris, fanning herself, “You two are still too much to have in the same room together.” I could feel it too... The mating bond was still so strong, that it almost overpowered any other emotion.

I walk over to Kris, encircling him in my arms, and am about to suggest they leave, but a feral growl beside makes me look down at Pythian. Her teeth were barred and she tried to nudge me away with her head. “Mine.” I snarl at her, Allison laughs “Aww, I think Perthy’s in love...” I pull Kris closer, “That’s not funny.” giving up on me, Pythian tries to pull Kris away by his pant leg.” Anoop stands, “Come on Allison, this could get awkward.” she leans over and kisses Kris on the cheek, then me. “Behave.” is all she says before following after Anoop. Kris kisses me, then pulls away “What’s wrong? She just wants to play.” he reaches down and pets her head, then sits down on the couch. She follows him, laying her head down in his lap so he could pet her some more.

I growl at Pythian in warning, “Get off my mate.” She ignores me and Kris grabs her, pulling her close protectively. “She’s just a wolf, Adam.” , “Yeah a female wolf that senses the male wolf in you.” He thinks for a moment, understanding flashing in his eyes “Has she ever?” ,”She tried that shit once. She’ll never do it again.” He laughs, “Wow.” he pets her head some more. My jaw tenses, “Can you please get her off of you.” He shakes his head, “No, not until you tell me a little more about your relationship with Zander.” I gape at him, “What? I thought you said the past doesn’t matter.” He shrugs, “Yeah well, your conversation with Anoop makes me feel like you’re keeping a lot from me. “ , “ How much did you hear?” He scratches behind her ear, “Enough.” I close my eyes. I can’t believe he’s trying to use my wolf to make me jealous. “Pythian, off. Now.” she growls at me, the person who feeds her every day. Ungrateful bitch! Without warning I switch to wolf form, she yelps and jumps off the couch. I bound after her while she tries to run, but I catch her and bite her muzzle. She kicks at me first but then she gives up and runs out of the room.

Kris stares at me in shock, I switch back. “How could you? She’s just an animal.” He narrows his eyes at me, I wave him off, “I’m her Alpha too, she knows that. It just took me shifting to wolf form for her to remember her place.” I walk up to him, leaning in, I brace my hands on each side of his head. “You’re lucky it was just Pythian. Try to make me jealous with anybody else again, and I’ll kill them.” I pull away and he stares at me, “Damn, it was just a wolf... I didn’t know you were jealous. Just calm down.” he crosses his arms. “I wasn’t jealous. I was mad because she wasn’t listening to me, and I thought you were trying to make me jealous.” He shakes his head, “No.” I sit down across the couch from him, “Well at least now you know. I don’t take jealousy well. Remember what I did to that girl Zander brought home?” , “Speaking of Zander...” I groan, “Baby, please, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know, just not now. Okay?” He nods, “Later?” I sigh, “Yes, later.” Then I move closer to him.


He leans in, nuzzling my neck ,“I’ve missed you.” He runs hot kisses down my neck, “I missed you too.” I lift my head, capturing his mouth with mine; he groans, entwining his fingers in my hair. “So ...” I say, looking up at him, “How did you get a wolf? I thought they didn’t like us.” He pulls away with a sigh. Disappointed, I guess, that I was still thinking about the wolf. “I found her when she was still a pup. Her mother had been killed.” I frown, “Good you found her, poor thing.” ,”Yeah,” he runs his hands through his hair, leaving it a mess. I try not to smile at how cute it looks.“Have you seen any of my other animals?” he asks, I nod, 'Yes, I've seen that damn snake' “A couple.” his eyes light up, “Have you seen my kitty?” I shake my head. That’s even weirder than him owning a real living breathing wolf. It’s like a dog owning a cat. “Nataria” he yells, looking like he’s trying not to laugh.

After seeing a little bit of white out of the corner of my eye, I turn around and see a white tiger coming towards us. “Oh shit!” I almost fall off the couch, but Adam catches me, pulling me back to sit next to him. “There’s my kitty,” he says, I point at it, “That is no Kitty!” She walks lazily towards us, looking as if she’s annoyed that she’s been called. Adam reaches out and scratches behind her ear. She purrs, and places a huge paw on his leg. Closing her eyes to slits so she could enjoy the pet. “She’s such a diva.” he says. “Look at the snob. I’m sorry I ruined your precious beauty sleep!” she ignores him, tilting her head some more to give him better access. After a moment he pushes her away, but she doesn’t give up that easily. She jumps on to the couch, resting herself on both our laps, and pushes her head under Adam’s hand. Adam roils his eyes, “Oh great, I had to start the damn petting. But hey, look at the good side. She’s not trying to attack you. She must like you! Not as much as Pythian, but enough.” She turns her gaze to me and licks her jaws, “Did you just see that?” Adam laughs, “Ah, it was nothing. She knows werewolves taste horrible.” I don’t even want to know how she knows that.

I look around the room. “Um what else do you have?” He thinks for a moment, “I have horses, a monkey, and a snake. The horses are out back, The snake is in its tank in the front entrance, and who knows where the monkey is.” he looks around as if the monkey could be there, hiding himself. “Zander used to spoil me. I would whine, and he would bring home animals to keep me entertained. My first one was a lion cub that one of Zander’s girlfriends got me when I was 10. I think it was Beth, but I’m not sure.“ He thinks for a moment, then waves it off. “Well, anyway, I’ve been taking care of exotic animals ever since.”

I close my eyes and think of Prince, my pet huskie. I know I probably never see him again. At least I know Lakara will take care of him. I wince, I’ve tried my best not to think about her this past week, but of course she was there in the back of my mind. I try to shake off the guilt of betraying her. Having to remind myself that I had no control over what happened. “What’s wrong?” Adams voice pulls me from my thoughts. “Nothing, just thinking about home.” He reaches out, and touches my face, “I’m sorry, I know you must miss it.” I shake my head, “It’s not your fault.” He sighs, “I know, but I’m still sorry. So, did you have any pets?” I look at him and he watches back with concern in his eyes. “Yeah, before I left I had a huskie named Prince with one of my friends, and one time me and her tried to keep a sheep when we were kids. Which was a really stupid thing to do with so many wolves around. So we had to drive it to Montana and find a farm that would buy it off of us. Lakara, my friend, ended up crying the whole way home. She really liked it, fed it with a baby bottle and everything.” He smiles, “Oh yes, the baby bottle... I had to do that with Perthy and the cub.” , “Yeah, she really had to work hard with it though, because it sensed the wolf in her. I ended up having to feed it. We tried to save animals all the time; foxes, dogs, random squirrels. I did it because my power worked on them like it does on the werewolves. She did it because she liked animals. Everybody else just thought we were weird, because seriously, how can we see things like squirrels and lambs as anything else but food.” , “Yeah, that is pretty weird...” he scratches his head, “You know... I’ve told you a lot about me, but you have hardly said anything about yourself.”

I watch as he slaps the tiger on the butt and tells it to go, she gets up with a growl , and saunters out of the room. He turns to look at me, I swallow, not really sure what to tell him. It wasn’t like I could tell him about Lakara or anything of that sort, and I already told him about my parents. Well at least the parts pertaining to him. “Um,” I hesitate, “I have 6 brothers, and 4 sisters. My mother is 86 and my father is 90, they’ve been mated for 50 years. Um…” , “You don’t have to tell me facts. Why don’t you tell me what it was like growing up. Were you always this sweet?” I laugh dryly,“I’m not as sweet as I seem. Yeah, I’m nothing like you, but sometimes my wolf takes over.” He laughs, “Sorry, but it’s hard for me to picture you aggressive.” I shrug, “Well I’m a healer, not a killer. I know I’m weird and not like other wolves. I was teased a lot growing up because of it.” He stiffens, “Who teased you?” I lean over and kiss him , my psychotic prince charming. “It’s not important, you can’t go off attacking people just because they’ve been mean to me.” , “Why not?”, ”Because, it’s not worth it. I learned how to deal with it.”

He shakes his head, anger flaring in his eyes, “You shouldn’t had to. Your special, more special than any of them could ever be, and they treated you bad just because you were different.” , ”They didn’t know I was special, they just thought I was weird.” he growls, “You are not weird, and they should’ve known.” I think back to all those times I felt left out or been called names. Even my brothers and sisters thought I was weird, although they never told me that, I could tell. Tag even yelled at me once when I got in a fight, wondering why I couldn’t be like everyone else, so he wouldn’t have to always defend me. I growl low, remembering how those days made me feel. I didn’t want or need him to defend me. I learned how to defend myself. Adam’s hand touches my cheek, “What?” I close my eyes, “I just don’t want to think about that anymore, okay?” he kisses the top of my head, “Okay.” There was no reason to dwell on the past anymore. It was over and now everybody knew what I was, and now everybody knew I had Adam.

He hugs me close to him, “Please stop feeling like that, it’s really depressing me.” I laugh, I had forgotten he could read my emotions. “Sorry...” He tilts his head to kiss me. “I know how to make you feel better.” He pulls me on to his lap, kissing me slow and soft. “I’ll make sure nobody ever hurts you again.” his kiss deepens, and I press my body closer to his, loving the feel of him beneath me. I wish they all could see me now with him; damn they must all be jealous. I’m so glad he’s mine and not Zander’s. His hands slide down my back and cup my rear, pulling me up some more, before he lays me on the couch. His body hovering over mine, making my heart beat faster. I thought I would be used to this by now, but I really wasn’t. Bracing himself on one arm, he kisses me again. Giving me a succession of small kisses, never very long, but never leaving me wanting for too long.

Somebody clearing their throat makes us pull a part, “Dinner time!” Allison says in a sing song voice. Sighing, Adam stands up and reaches out a hand to help me. “You two go, I’ll be there in a minute.” he grabs my chin, kissing me again, then he lets go. I watch as he walks over and picks up his jacket, “What are you doing?” he smiles at me, “I just have to check on something. I’ll be right there.” Allison reaches out and takes my hand, “You can hang with me until Adam gets there.” Adam gives me one last quick kiss before Allison drags me out, saying that at this rate, we’ll never get dinner. Pythian sees us as we exit the house, her white tail twitching back and forth out of excitement. “Perthy,” Allison scolds, “Didn’t Adam tell you to stop?” her tail lowers. She probably knows she’s in trouble, but doesn’t know why. “It’s okay, Allison. She’ll learn.” Allison shakes her head, “Not if you keep babying her.” She leads me just about 3 houses away to a place that almost looks like a cafeteria. There were about 50 long tables covered in people. I hesitate outside the door.

Allison stops and looks at me, “Oh, it will be alright, don’t be scared." I take a deep breath and let her pull me into the room. Once we walk in, everybody stops what they were doing and stare at me; including a monkey that's wearing a little black dress, who looks up from her food, and waves at me ecstatically. I almost shift to wolf form just to get them all to stop looking. Allison claps her hands in the air, “Everybody, this is Kris; our new healer. Kris, this is everybody.” They all smile and watch me curiously, leaning over to whisper to each other. The monkey goes back to eating. Allison grabs my hand, pulling me to the corner where the food is. I try to ignore the people behind me, but I can feel their stares burning into my back. I don’t even notice that Adam is there, until he leans over to whisper to me, “How do you like my pack?” I jump out of surprise of his voice , and turn to scan the room. “Um, I don’t know. They haven’t talked to me.” He turns, looking at them, “Well, they sure as hell like staring at you.” I turn around and find them all still looking at me. I turn to Adam, “Can we please go? I feel awkward.” He nods with a sigh, “Okay.” he grabs some food from the table, and we leave. He leads me towards a small pond in the forest. We sit and eat our food. “There’s no reason for you to feel awkward. They’re just curious.” He puts his head back, closing his eyes and inhaling the air. “I know, I’m just not ready I suppose.” His eyes open and he looks at me, “That’s okay,” he inhales again; smiling, “Isn’t it wonderful here? I forgot how much I loved this place.” I smile at the pride in his voice. “Yeah, it’s beautiful.” He jumps up, grabbing my hands. “Run with me.”, “Now?” He smiles and nods, “Yeah.”

I switch to wolf form and start running. I hear a bark and it’s not long before the black wolf is bounding after me. I slide away just in time and he falls sprawled in dirt. I bark at him and run off, further into the woods. I can hear him following, keeping a steady pace behind me. But he doesn’t try for me again, not yet. He follows me till I skid to a stop, smelling the scent of a rabbit nearby. He stops behind me, laying down and resting his head in his forepaws. I strain to listen for the rabbit, but get distracted when I hear him tear after it through the bushes. I run after him and stop when a loud squeal comes from my right. After a moment he’s in front of me, the rabbit still in his mouth.

He walks over, placing the rabbit in front of me. I walk closer to him, lick the blood from his muzzle, and he rubs his head against mine. Going back over to the rabbit, I rip it in half with my jaws the best I can. Eating the smaller half myself, and leaving the bigger half for him. He didn’t seem to like this arrangement very much, but still he ate the offered meat. I watch him finish and lay down, snuggling up to him. After the run I felt my anxiety evaporate. That’s one thing about being a wolf; human problems just seem so trivial.


I move, grabbing his neck and flipping him on to his back; he struggles but gives in. I lick his muzzle and inhale his scent. He switches back to human form and wiggles out of my hold. I run up to him, ripping his clothes with my claws. He stares at me a little shocked. Does he think I’m going to try to take him in wolf form? I switch back and rip off the remainder of his clothes, and then my own. He struggles beneath me as I pin his wrists to the ground. I lean over, kissing him. “I’ll let you up,” I bite his lip, “if you promise to,” another kiss, “be a good boy.” He nods and I ease up on my grasp, still kissing him. He catches me by surprise and knocks me over. My head falls back into the dirt and I look up at him sitting on top of me.

Okay, this is good... At least he didn’t try to run. He smiles at me, “stop trying to be in control all the time.” he reaches out, pinning my shoulders with his hands, and presses down hard. I bite my lip, trying to stifle my groan. “This time,” he says while kissing my neck “I’m in control.”


I wake up with the sun bearing down on my skin. I shift a little, Adam grunts, and pulls me back into his arms. I wait and listen until I’m certain he’s back asleep, and slip from his grasp. Not really anxious to walk back to the house naked, I change to my wolf and head towards it. People watch me, but nobody tries to stop me. I walk into the kitchen and see Allison there, making what smells like bacon and eggs. “Oh, there you are.” Part of me wonders how she knows who I am, but I realize there isn’t very many wolves here she hasn’t seen before. “Run up and get cleaned, I made you some breakfast. I know you really don’t want to face the others yet this morning.” I try my best wolf grin, then run upstairs to the shower.

I throw the last of my shirts at the wall, growling. My clothes were a mess. He must’ve done something, but how they ended up covered in fur and smelling like wet dog, I don’t want to know. Now I had nothing to wear. I go over and open his closet, shutting it quickly when I realize it only had suits. I go to the dresser and find a yellow t-shirt and a pair of draw string pants. Sighing, I slip them on. Allison giggles as I walk back into the kitchen, “He marked your clothes?’ ” I nod. “But you said he already left his scent on your clothes the day after you mated.”,“Yeah, he left his scent on my clothes, but he didn’t do whatever the hell he did last night.” She pat’s my back “Aww I’m sorry, He’s probably on edge about you being here around so many males.” I sigh, and lean against the counter. We both flinch when we hear the front door slam. “Daddy’s home.” Allison says flipping a pancake.

A moment later, Adam’s in the doorway of the kitchen, wearing only a pair of black pants, seething with anger. He stalks towards me, then stops, backtracks and looks at my clothes. He grins slowly and takes a step closer to nuzzle my neck. Oh shit, I should have known he would act this way. I didn’t even think about it when I put them on. What can really make a male who's trying to mark you with his scent crazy? Oh yeah, wearing his clothes. “Fuck, you smell good.” he curls his finger in the drawstring of my pants. “You’re wearing my clothes,” he yanks me closer, his fingers digging in to my hips, “Mine.” He bites my lip hard, and kisses me until I could taste my own blood. He groans and his hand slides down my pants. I jerk back, “Allison...” He turns, glaring at her.

She's staring at us, wide eyed. ”Out.” he orders, but she ignores him; placing her hands on her hips defiantly. “Oh no you don’t. I came over early to make breakfast for Kris, and you are not just going to throw me out so you can have sex for the 100th time this week.” His eyes narrow to slits, I brace myself for the growl or snarl, but it doesn’t come. “Fine,” he says, his voice sounding rough, “You can watch.” Her mouth drops open and she stares at us. Adam ignores her and grabs me, lifting me on to the counter, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I hear Allison growl in frustration, then the door slamming shut. He pulls me closer, nuzzling my neck again. “I don’t appreciate waking up alone,” his teeth skid across my skin “But this makes up for it.” His hands reach down for the drawstring, “These have to go, but I want the shirt to stay on.” I wrap my arms around his neck and he kisses me.


Kris was still too afraid to go around my pack, so I had to force him to come out with me and walk around the territory. Pythian follows us, close behind Kris again. “So, Allison was telling me she had to babysit her mate today.” I laugh, Allison had been one of those people who was skeptical about mating, saying it was wrong and all of that, but I think it had more to do with her being 97 years old and un-mated. She would always tell Zander he’ll have to get stuck marrying her. Nobody was more surprised than Allison when she ended up mating 8 years ago to a two year old. Luckily she didn’t have to face the mating pain or feel the need to mate, but she felt the bond and knew that he was her mate. She only has to wait for him to grow up first, but as soon as his wolf reaches full adulthood, then she's in for a lot of pain. “Did you meet him?” he nods, “Interesting kid.” , “Yeah, that he is. But he would have to be to be mated with her.” Kris laughs, “He’s going to have an interesting time when his wolf is ready.” Yeah, he would. The moment he sees her, after his wolf reaches adulthood, he’ll want to mate.

A few yards away; we watch as Kylie, a five year old wolf, runs out and trips on a rock. Kris rushes over to her, “Are you alright?” she looks up at him, her cheeks flushed, “My ankle hurts.” Alisan runs out of her cabin, “Kylie, I told you-” she stops when she notices us. Kris examines Kylie’s ankle. Alisan kneels down beside him, “Is she alright?”, “Just a small sprang.” I look down and see it swelling. Kris closes his eyes and I feel a small surge of power. Alisan feels it too, and gasps. Kris open’s his eyes and smiles at Kylie, “All better.” She moves her ankle experimentally, “Wow! You can do magic.” Alisan laughs and hugs Kylie towards her, “Thank you, you really are as amazing as they say you are.” Kris blushes and rubs the back of his neck, “It was nothing?” she raises one eyebrow at him, “Nothing? Who else can heal somebody like that?” He shrugs “Other heal…” she stops him. “Who else can heal other werewolves like that?” he shrugs again. She leans over and kisses his cheek. “Thank you. Really.” She turns her attention to me, “I really like this one, Adam.” I start to reply, but howling erupts from everywhere.

Alisan quickly picks Kylie up, “Matt!” she yells towards the house. He rushes out and meets us in the yard. “Alisan, take Kylie and hide.” I say, pushing her towards the house. She hesitates, glancing at Matt. He kisses her and Kylie, “Go, like Adam said.” , “Now!” I nudge her towards the house, and she leaves; grabbing Pythian by the rough of her neck and drags her with them. Matt switches to wolf form and runs towards the howling. I turn to Kris, grabbing him hard, “You too.” He shakes his head, “No, I’m not going to leave you.” , “Kris, please...” He backs away from me, “No. I’m not hiding like the women and children, and I’m not leaving you. I can fight too.” I shake my head, refusing to listen to him. How can I defend my pack if I have to worry about him too. “No, I can’t lose you! Please!” In an instant, a dark brown wolf flies from the bushes; knocking Kris to the ground. I change and grab for his neck, pulling him away. Kris rolls from underneath him, and changes. I bite down hard on its neck, breaking through flesh. It yelps and lets out a loud whine before falling to the ground; lifeless. I shake it out of my jaws and almost fail to notice the white wolf coming up behind me.

A brown blur crosses my vision, and I watch as Kris jumps onto it, biting at its muzzle. I go to help, but another wolf attacks and I’m forced to fight him off. No matter how many wolves we fight through, more and more keep coming. Where are they all coming from? I watch as Kris staggers away from his latest opponent. I try to go to him, but more advance, all wanting a chance at the Alpha pair of the pack. Finally others arrive; I notice Matt, Anoop, Danny, and Allison, her reddish brown fur standing out amongst the others. What the hell was she doing here? Allison.

I snarl at her to go back, she snarls back. That’s when three Alpha’s advance on me all together. The others try to fight off their opponents so they could get to me, following a need in all of them to protect their Alpha. I circle around, getting a good angle. They approach me; snarling, In the corner of my eye I see Kris finish with his opponent and come towards me. 'No Kris, please don’t', he hesitates as If reading my mind; good. I turn my full attention to the wolves that were still just standing there snarling at me, 'ok' I think crouching down low, 'come and get me'. They attack... One goes for my underside, as one grabs my head and others each go for my head and side. I thrash around wildly, snapping at any part I find. I don’t see, but more feel Kris come up beside me. He grabs at one of the wolves, flinging them off me. They land with a yelp a few yards away. The one that had been trying to attack my head, gives up. Not being able to get a good hold, and goes for my underside like the other. I taste blood as they both bite in. I fall to the ground, trying to breathe. My mind muddled with the pain. I see them attacking again and try to stand. The last thing I hear is Kris’ loud whining howl, before everything turns black.


As soon as Adam passes out, the wolves around me go crazy. They attack the two wolves that bit him, tearing them into pieces. I watch them, still stunned by Adam’s attack. They blocked me from him as soon he went down until both enemies were taken care of. I wanted to scream at them. They had no right trying to keep me from him, I know they only wanted to make sure I was safe, but I was sick and tired of being protected. After the others die, A dark brown wolf with black ears and muzzle stands before Adam, guarding him. Ignoring my own pain, I walk over to them, cautiously at first; hoping they wouldn’t try to fight me. The brown wolf steps aside when I approach, and I lean over Adam, burying my muzzle into his neck. He smelled of blood and dirt, but still Adam, my Adam. I pull away and switch back to human form. The brown wolf growls, and runs over to me. He switches, making me see that it’s Anoop. “You can’t, it isn’t safe in your human form. There’s still enemies here” I snarl at him, “I have to heal him.” Anoop hesitates, “Can’t you do that in your wolf form? I’m sorry, but I need to protect you.” I growl, and look at them all staring at me.

Since Adam was unable to carry out his duties, I had to be the Alpha. I hoped it would never come to this. “Then protect me, but I’m staying human. Now I have to heal him before it’s too late.” His mouth starts to open, but I stop him. “Let me take care of my mate, that’s an order.” His eyes widen, and then he looks down; defeated. “Okay, you heard him...” he says to the others let’s give him some room.” He switches back to his wolf, and they all walk in front of me, providing a small barrier between me and any wolves that dare to attack. “Adam baby, can you hear me?” he doesn’t move, but I still feel his chest move with shallow breaths. At least he was still alive. I close my eyes, summoning up my power. My hands find his underside, and I feel the warm blood under my fingers amongst his fur. There it is...

I take a deep breath and let my power flow out of my fingertips, into the wound. I feel as new blood runs through his veins, replacing the blood he lost, and as the wound slowly closes. Without letting out my breath, I move to his muzzle and his legs, anywhere a wound is present. I have to heal him completely. I can’t ignore even the smallest wound. “Kris!” Allison’s voice pulls me out of my daze.

She walks up behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder, “Stop, he’s healed. You’re doing too much!” I collapse onto him. Inhaling his scent, he's healed! He’ll be okay. “Kris...” he says softly. I look down to see that he’s human again, but still asleep. “I’m right here.” I whisper. I reach up and grab Allison’s arm. It was scratched pretty badly. She winces as my hand covers over the bloody mess, but she doesn’t move until the healing is over. She looks down at it, astonished. “Kris, you shouldn’t have.” I shake my head, “It’s what I do.” My eyes glance over to the others, and order them all to come over and get healed. They try to fight it, telling me I'm too weak, but by nature they couldn’t disobey. Still sore and feeling almost completely drained, like there's only a small amount of power left in my body. I switch to wolf form and collapse onto Adam.

The next few hours went by in a daze. I remember others showing up and snarling at anybody that comes too close to Adam. I have to protect him now. He can’t protect himself, and I'm his mate; it's my job to protect him. Soon they all stop trying to approach, realizing it takes all my willpower to fight them off. What seems like hours later, a hand softly touches my head, “Kris,” I look up and see Zander staring at me, concern etching his features. “What have you done to yourself?” I ignore him, lying my head back down on Adam’s chest. He sighs and shifts beside me. His teeth grab on to my neck and he moves me into a lap of another. I try to jump up, but fail, finding myself too weak to even move. The man pets my head “it’s okay.” I smell his scent faintly, another healer. Zander crouches down as a human again, and pets me, “Calm down, Quinton’s here to help you.” My gaze flicks back to Adam, who’s left un-protected, because of my weakness. Zander follows my gaze. “I’ll take care of him until he wakes up, but he’ll kill me if I leave you like this.” With one last pat he stands and has some others carry Adam to the medical cabin. Knowing Adam will be safe with Zander, I finally let myself relax, and let the healer do his job.


I jump up instantly and look around. “Kris!” I yell, looking for him, but all I find is Zander, standing against the wall opposite me. He smiles and walks over to me. “You’re awake.” The night’s events come flooding back to me in a wave. “Where’s Kris?” He laughs bitterly, “Mates are so weird, normally after an attack an Alpha would worry about his pack first, but with mat…” I cut him off by grabbing his shirt and shaking him, “Where’s is he?” Zander pulls himself away, “After the fight he healed you and some of the others, but he didn’t have enough power or strength to heal himself.” What the hell does he mean; he didn’t heal himself?

I close my eyes and remember Kris’ howl, so full of pain. “What happened to him? Where is he?” Zander lays a hand on my shoulder. “He’s fine, Adam! Just a couple scrapes and bruises and he’s still feeling the pain from your injury, but otherwise he turned out way better then you did. “I sigh in relief and my heart feels like it’s going to stop trying to beat its way out of my chest. “Where is he now?” Zander smiles, “with Quinton, I thought there would be a little more work than Kris could handle by himself, so I brought Quinton along with me to help him out. After Quinton helped Kris heal himself, they’d been quite busy trying to heal your packs.” He shrugs, ”Yeah, it’s been slightly delayed by Kris coming in here to check on you every five minutes, but I think together they’re doing a pretty good job. “I sit back on the bed. “Who were they?” I ask.

He stays quiet for a moment, “About six of the Southern packs.” I take a deep breath, six, that must have been … “A whole territory” he says solemnly, finishing my thoughts. My pack has been attacked by six werewolf packs. “How did we survive?” He rubs his eyes tiredly, “The other packs in your territory showed up. They were a little late making it over to you, trying to help the others. “ He laughs, “I hear Kris was quite the little bastard when they tried to get to you, he wouldn’t let anyone else near you until I showed up.” I could imagine that, and he knew Zander wouldn’t hurt me. “ What happened?” Zander sighs, tiredly.

“Lincoln’s mate died the other day. He had the body hidden so nobody else knew. The pack had felt the loss of an Alpha, but they didn’t understand... Lincoln and Brax were both fine the last time they'd seen them. So they rushed to the main house and Lincoln reassured them everything was fine, that their instincts must be off. They hadn’t known that Brax was dead, and that Lincoln had already lost his mind.

"Tonight, after the news reached him that you were home, and had been for a couple days now, he sent the order for all his packs to attack you. Not being able to disobey a direct order from their Alpha, they did just that.” I shake my head in disbelief. No, this couldn’t be right... Lincoln was a friend. Yes, he would want revenge for his mate’s death, but why revenge against me? “Why me?” I ask. “You have Kris.” Zander says matter a factly. I grab on to the side of the bed, “what does any of this have to do with Kris?” Zander shrugs, “Isn’t it obvious Adam? Kris was in Lincoln’s territory before yours. Lincoln felt that if Kris was still in his territory, Brax wouldn’t have died, and he blames you for taking him away.” I swallow, “Where is Lincoln now?” Zander’s eyes darken and he looks down, “I Killed him. He has caused us too much death” he sighs, “He was cradling Brax’s body when I found him. Do you know what it was like to see that?” his voice cracks and I see his eyes glisten with tears. He shakes his head, trying to rid himself of the memory. “Sorry Zan! I know you were close.” He wipes his eyes, “Just don’t make me ever have to do the same to you.” I close my eyes and try to imagine what it would be like to lose Kris and shudder.

The next couple of days consisted of the cleanup. The other side had suffered much more causalities then we had, but still there were some losses. Kris and Quinton had healed all they could until I had to force Kris to stop. I worried that he might hurt himself. He slept for a few hours, but only went right back to healing. I didn’t fight him over it though. I knew I couldn’t keep him from his healing.

As I walk throughout my pack, I have to backtrack when I see Kris talking to a pretty woman with long blond hair. She was holding his hand and smiling at him. I stop and shift to my wolf form. I slip up to them and rub myself against Kris, making it a warning for the woman to back off, but she just looks at me and smiles. ”Well aren’t you pretty,” she reaches down to pet me. I jerk back and shift back to my human form, “Who the hell-” Kris lets go of her hand and grabs both of mine. “Mom,” he says, “This is Adam, my mate.” I gape at her. Yes we age really slowly, but still It shocked me that she looked even younger then Kris did. “Nazine,” she says “Nice to meet you, Adam.’' she reaches out her hand, I shake it, “Hi...” I say meekly. Kris reaches up and kisses me, “He’s nothing like Dad said.”

She studies me for a moment. Her lips curving into a small smile, “I can see that.” Part of me wants to ask what the hell that’s supposed to mean, but this was Kris’ mother. I had to show some respect. “So,” she says after a moment, “ I guess we owe you an apology.” I raise my eyebrows in question. “We spent all those years hiding Kris, if only we let him go a little sooner.” She sighs, “Well I suppose that doesn’t matter anymore, you are both still quite young for werewolf standards, and...” she looks at Kris and her eyes widen, “Oh god, what about that girl! What a disaster!” I reach down, grabbing Kris’ hand, “What girl?” Kris smiles, baring his teeth “That’s not important, is it mom?” She looks at me and shakes her head, “Oh god no...” she looks away embarrassed.

A man with sandy brown hair walks up to us, he looks about 21, but I couldn’t be sure. He smiles and goes to hug Kris. I block him, “What the hell?” Kris moves around me, “It’s okay Adam, this is my dad.” He hugs the man who turns to look at me, “Adam?” his eyes widen, but he covers his expression fast. He turns to Kris before I have time to say anything to him, “I told you which pack you’ll end up with, didn’t I?” Nazine nudges him slightly, “Brian, this is Kris’ mate.” his gaze turns back to me, I smile, and he backs up a little. “Hello,” he reaches out his hand. I grasp his a little harder then I need to, then let go “Hello.” Kris elbows me “Be polite.” Brian shakes his head, “Sorry, I don’t mean to be so rude, it’s just that...” , “You’re scared of me.” I finish for him. “No of course not, okay I thought I was, but you’re not even that terrifying in person.” I smile at him baring my teeth, then look him in the eyes, he winces a little and I try not to laugh. “That’s nice to know,” I finally say, then turn my attention back to Nazine. “So, how long are you staying?” she smiles sadly at Kris, “Just a couple days I’m afraid! We came here with the other southern pack, and Kristopher found us, but our Alpha will make us go as soon as the others heal.”, “Well at least you know where to visit now,” Kris says. She smiles at him. “Yeah, that’s one good thing from this whole mess.” It’s crazy to think that Kris’ former pack are one of the packs that attacked us. “Well Kristopher,” she says, "we better head back, we’ll come see you tomorrow okay.” she kisses him on the cheek, and they leave.


I can’t believe my mom almost mentioned Lakara. Adam can not know about her. I sent her a letter the other day, explaining what has happened. Hopefully one day she can learn to forgive me, and we can at least be friends. She was there for me when nobody else was, and I repaid her by breaking her heart. I should have listened to my mother, when she had advised against non-mate relationships. Someone always got hurt, and this time it was Lakara and Zander. We get our life together, but what about them? What do they get? That is the hard truth of mating I suppose.

Adam grabs my hands, entwining my fingers into his. “What are you thinking about?” .”Nothing,” we both say in unison. “You know,” he says, “Once we're mated for long enough, I’ll be able to read your mind, and you won’t be able to tell me 'nothing' anymore.” , “Bullshit!” , “No it’s true.” Pythian walks up, squeezing in between us, oh great... She found me. I had been trying to avoid her for days, ever since she started acting weird. Adam looks down at her and grins, “Don’t look like that. She can’t help it that you're so cute, and besides, you really haven’t done anything to show her you weren’t interested.” I glower at him, “Can’t you just get her a mate?” he stares at me, just stares. Yeah, that was probably a stupid suggestion. I stand on my tippy toes, leaning over Pythian, and wrap my arms around his neck. “Okay, can you just kiss me and forget I said that.” He does, and I laugh as the wolf bites his leg.

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